Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wiki la umwa

There’s not so much to write about last week- Namely a few meetings and a whole lot of p. facilipracum.

The week started off well, with us having a productive meeting with the coordinator of Tanzania’s Social Action Fund, which has been sponsoring the women in the last while. We explored together the possibilities of further funding for the group as they are in a new phase of expansion which will really require some capital from somewhere. The Coordinator seemed very dedicated to his job and suggested some options for us, which we are continuing to pursue.

After leaving the office, I thought that I should hop on over to the hospital to have myself checked for malaria. I was a little bit in crazytown for the past couple of days for no good reason, and it turned out that I had the nasty strain of malaria. I ended up being admitted for a while to get some good ol’ quinine pumped into my system, and then was prescribed an array of other drugs for the next week.

And so it began. I’ll spare the details, but it wasn’t a fun week. Fast forward to Friday, when I finally test negative. I wasn’t too safi on that though because I’ve been feeling a little strange since then. I got tested again today (Monday) and found out I have some other assorted minor bugs that need to be cleaned by a good regimen of drugs.

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